Listenin' for the Sun
Words & Music Copyright by Barry Feldman (ASCAP)
Sittin by the window, seethin at the snow
Thinkin how you done me this time
When something came over me from a place long ago
And I canít get it out of my mind...

Standin outside the bus station
Beside you near some homeless in the rain
We were down to our last dollar
Sure werenít waitin for no plane
Well the rumblin of the thunder
In our hearts had just begun
But I held your hand profoundly
And we listened for the sun

This guy limped over to us
Lookin rowdy as a storm
I stared at right how young he was
Underneath his whiskers worn
He told a pretty good Nam Vet story
In a pretty offensive way
Well I might have given him somethin
On any other day

But he said that if we was broke too
And it really werenít no lie
Well, he said, then that was alright
And then he flashed his ugly smile
And then he called you some name I never called you
Brown Eyes, I think he said
Then to my eyes he stammered ďDonít never let her go!"
And his look rung in my head
And Iíd wished Iíd had a hundred dollars
When he pleaded those words again...

Now Iím lookin outside at the rain
Alone by my stereo
And I was wonderin what you were thinkin and thinkin bout my pride
When I recalled my silent promise long ago
Cause my mind right now cannot shake his face
While me and you are bitter as a storm
Well Iím comin back to try and try forever
Ain't never am I gonna let you go
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