Words & Music
Copyright by
Barry Feldman (ASCAP)

I have never been sick a day in my life
Except until yesterday
Well it really can take you by surprise
But I can survive as long as I have

Obama Care
Obama Care
They can't refuse to care for you
Thanks to Obama Care

It's far from perfect yet but sure beats just charities
Or do it yourself cranial surgery
Without Obama Care, if you change jobs it's true
If you've ever had a cold, "No soup for you!" -- without

Obama Care
Meant to be everywhere
For many it's already there
They finally have health care

Some like a couple parts but not some other part
But it will come apart unless you sum each part
We must improve it more but compare it to years before
Does anyone remember how broken health care was before.. oh

Obama Care
Made to be everywhere
After years a chance is near
We'll all have good health care

You have the freedom to claim the care you need
Or just take your penalty, say, to help keep disease
From spreading through your country right to you
By those denied care just 'cause they need it

Obama Care
Your daughter's care
They'll pull out her lifeline if they
Throw away Obama Care